Frame 5 Load Gears

Source: Lufkin
Frame 5 Load Gears
Precision-Engineered for Maximum Performance

Frame 5 drop-in replacement gearboxes designed and manufactured by Lufkin, offer an attractive and cost effective alternative in replacement gearing. Lufkin has reverse-engineered and manufactured complete Frame 5 load gears, as well as replacement rotating elements, designed to fit the footprint and match the shaft-end to shaft-end interface of existing GE S424, S524, S624; Hitachi; and John Brown Engineering units. For applications involving synchronous-condensing, a Frame 5 gearbox with an integral SSS 170T Clutch is also available, designed to match the existing Frame 5 load gear footprint and shaft-end interface without moving the connected equipment. When reliability and efficiency are critical, Lufkin quality comes through. Customers have come to rely on Lufkin for superior products for over 50 years; and today as a certified ISO 9001 company, Lufkin's dedication to quality is stronger than ever. Lufkin quality begins with the initial design. State-of-the-art 3-D design technology is used to develop reliable products that perform well and operate trouble-free for years. Dedication to quality assurance through comprehensive inspection through-out the manufacturing process translates into high-performance, precision products being delivered to the customer's site.

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