Brochure | December 2, 2016

Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Systems

Source: SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions

Coal power plant FGD wastewater is a subject to stringent regulations from both local authorities and EPA's Effluent Limitation Guidelines (ELGs). Power plant operators are facing various challenges related to FGD wastewater such as corrosiveness and abrasiveness that requires careful selection of materials as well as complex selection of chemicals to target specific effluent


  • Manage risk with overall process guarantee
  • Experience is key–over 40 FGD installations worldwide
  • Demonstrated knowledge of material selection required for FGD treatment
  • High efficiency in a small footprint with DensaDeg® Clarifier
  • Decision making support via bench and full scale piloting options
  • Streamlined process to save space and money

SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions