Expansion Joints for Flue Gas Ducts

Source: KE-Burgmann A.S./Expansion Joints Div.
Expansion Joints for Flue Gas Ducts
The Flex-Gen 2000 PTFE expansion joints are manufactured as standard products for operating at temperatures of up to
KE-Burgmann A.S./Expansion Joints Div.n 2000 PTFE expansion joints are manufactured as standard products for operating at temperatures of up to 550° on dry flue gases. However, by modifying construction parameters they may be customized to fulfil other specific customer requirements. The joints are only made with materials in which the PTFE foil is securely laminated by sintering it to the coated glass fabric. This process helps ensure that the high temperature resistance of the PTFE foil is used to its full potential in the expansion joint construction itself, as transition resistance does not occur in materials between the PTFE foil and outer cover. The support foil also helps improve pressure resistance at elevated temperatures.

The joints are flexible, and are able to accommodate axial movements of up to 50%. The flexibility is possible because the foil is supported by the coated glass fabric by being laminated to it. This allows the manufacturer to control the movement of the foil, helping to eliminate the risk of damaging it.

The joints are made from new PTFE materials, consisting of only a few individual layers. The glass fabric is coated and laminated on one or both sides with one or several layers of foil. The PTFE foil is checked with a high voltage electrical tester for possible pinholes before use, and is subjected to quality control. This helps ensure that the material is gastight and non-permeable, chemically resistant on all surfaces, and is safe due to the number of foil layers and the tear strength.

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