News | December 5, 2012

Exclusive KSB Design Boosts Efficiency In Industrial Power Settings


KSB, the world's most experienced supplier of pumps and pump parts, announced the release of the ZTS Gate Valve with Pressure Seal Bonnet. Modern sustainability demands require power plants to increase efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. KSB's ZTS Gate Valve has the performance and reliability to provide this efficiency, helping plants meet zero-emission goals. With its hammer-forged steel body, the valve can handle water, steam, gas, oil, and other non-aggressive fluids, even at temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. The valve's efficiency and durability make it perfect for industrial settings, power stations, and process-engineering systems.

Robust body design
The ZTS utilizes a fine-grained, homogenous hammer-forged body design that can withstand some of the highest pressure (up to 8700 psi) and temperature (up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit) ratings. This forged body is nearly invulnerable to pores and pitting and contains a weldable, strong surface. In comparison to similar cast steel designs, the ZTS' robust design in unmatched.

Flexible and precise internal sealing
For internal sealing, the ZTS is equipped with a movable, double-wedge design. The valve's forged steel double-wedge holder prevents the wedge halves from additional actuating moments and additional loads on the seat/disc interface. The result is flexible and precise wedge movement with reliable operation. As an alternative, a parallel-disc design is also available, offering precise guidance of discs between parallel seats and eliminating vibration. These parallel discs are supported by replaceable disc springs with a parallel pin. This design presses the parallel discs against the valve body seats to help protect against temperature and pressure fluctuations.

Super-reliable sealing to atmosphere
Sealing off process fluid from the atmosphere is a vital aspect of efficient gate valves. To meet this demand, the ZTS features a confined graphite gland that prevents packing from creeping into the clearance between the valve's stem and body. This sealing is extremely reliable, even at high pressures and temperatures, increasing the service life of the valve. Flexible stainless-steel caps protect the graphite from oxidation above temperatures of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, further increasing service life and reducing risk of leakage.

To strengthen its sealing properties under high operating pressures, the ZTS also has a compact principle pressure-seal bonnet and a pressure-relief valve that goes into effect when pressures reach critical levels. This design allows flow within the valve to go in either direction, providing optimum pressure relief.

Complete range of specialized materials
Over the years, KSB has offered the ZTS to reliably operate at the most optimum efficiencies, covering a wide range of temperatures and pressures. Including the industry standard material WB 36, the ZTS is available in seven material options with temperature limits ranging from 840 to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Recently, KSB has taken the initiative to lead the way with respect to ever increasing technological advancements and efficiency regulations. Materials P91 and P92 are designed specifically to withstand the high temperatures and pressures of high-efficiency power plants, suitable up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. These special materials not only have high temperature capabilities, but also allow for reduced wall thicknesses. This decreases the valve's weight and shortens start-up and shutdown periods. Building on the development of the P92 material, KSB has also developed a unique ball-gate valve design, which utilizes a spherical body, creating uniform wall-thickness and ideal pressure distribution to reduce thermal stresses during the start-up process. The result of this design is optimum start-up and shutdown times, as well as optimum creep resistance.

Source: KSB, Inc.