Evaporative Cooling Systems

Source: Port-A-Cool by General Shelters of Texas, S.B., Ltd.
Evaporative Cooling Systems
The Port-A-Cool lineup for 2001 includes not only improved and updated features for the portable evaporative cooling
The Port-A-Cool lineup for 2001 includes not only improved and updated features for the portable evaporative cooling systems, but also a new model size. Joining the line of 16-in., 24-in., and 36-in. fan blade diameter models will be an all new 48-in. fan blade diameter Port-A-Cool unit for cooling even larger areas than before. Also new for 2001, the 24-in. fan blade model will be a three-speed model to give users a choice of fan velocity. Plus, the 24- and 36-in. fan blade diameter units for 2001 feature all black housings, fan blades and casters manufactured from rust and corrosion-free materials. A new accessory for 2001 will be the oscillating base to fit the 16-in. fan blade diameter model allowing the unit to disperse evaporative cooled air over a wider area. Küül pads rigid cooling media are being offered in all black for 2001. The pads are also available in 6- and 12-in. width and new 24-in. width pads. The 24-in. pads feature a one-piece pad for strength and efficiency.

All Port-A-Cool units are designed to offer a practical cooling solution for areas where traditional air conditioning is impractical, unavailable or cost prohibitive. The system works by pulling hot, ambient air through water-soaked evaporative cooling media in the back of the unit where the evaporation process creates cool air that is dispersed by a fan located in the front of the unit. According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, Inc. (ASHRAE), given typical seasonal temperatures and average humidity across the nation, Port-A-Cool units can lower the temperature of the air an average of 18°.

The one-piece rotomolded housing for the unit encloses the coated caddy, making the unit sturdy and resistant to rust. Each unit is shipped completely assembled and ready to operate right out of the box. A molded-in switch box and recessed valve pockets help assure better protection for valve handles and internal wiring. The wiring system incorporates a quick connect electrical connector that provides for easy replacement of any electrical component without rewiring. The units are built with the end-user in mind and the product is backed by a guaranteed warranty. Port-A-Cool units are listed by ETL and soon to be listed with Underwriters Laboratory.

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