Equalizing Thrust Bearings

Source: Kingsbury, Inc.
Kingsbury thrust bearings are a product of many years of design refinement and application experience
Kingsbury thrust bearings are a product of many years of design refinement and application experience. In this Design Guide we have condensed our years of experience into guidelines and recommendations that will help you to apply Kingsbury thrust bearings with confidence, whether you are an experienced designer or a novice faced with your first bearing application.

The Guide contains three sections that will guide you to a proper thrust bearing selection. Each section highlights special design considerations and offers suggestions you may find valuable in you design efforts.

The first section presents information that will help you understand the fundamentals of equalizing fluid film thrust bearings. Section II reviews the design features of our thrust bearings and the accessories available for monitoring bearing performance. In Section III, we have provided step-by-step guidelines for selecting the proper Kingsbury bearing for your particular application. If you desire a better understanding of bearing technology and its evolution, please request Kingsbury's General Guide to the Principles, Operation and Troubleshooting of Hydrodynamic Bearings.

Oil flow and power loss benefits are obtained by the efficient application of cool oil to the film. The LEG method of lubrication also allows operation in a non-flooded environment which eliminates parasitic (non-film) losses without risk of starving the oil film. Shoe temperature is lowered by protecting against the effects of hot oil carryover and by reducing parasitic losses between shoes that would add heat to the oil film. The lower shoe temperatures increase the bearing's load capacity.

] Kingsbury has used LEG lubrication in field applications since 1985. The applications and data demonstrate that LEG technology is a cost effective and reliable method of lubrication that improves efficiency, lowers capital costs, and adds value to machinery.

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