Newsletter | November 7, 2019

11.07.19 -- EPA Seeks Input On Proposals To Establish Regulatory Framework For CCRs

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Flow Conditioning Improves Flow Measurement Accuracy And Reduces Plant Cost
By Don Lundberg, Fluid Components International

If you're planning to expand, upgrade, or retrofit your plant in the near future, chances are that you'll be facing a real estate crisis when it comes to finding a place for all your new or upgraded equipment. 

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Unique Air Pollution Challenges That Drive Innovative Solutions

Challenges resulting from acid gas emissions can sometimes be overwhelming. From coal-fired power plants and small incinerators, to waste-to-energy plants (and more), if air pollution challenges confront you, we can help find innovative solutions that work to make a difference. 

Electrodeionization (EDI) Systems Brochure

Two separation technologies, membranes and ion exchange, are combined into one sealed, self-contained unit. The primary use of EDI has focused on RO permeate polishing. This technology is widely used in industry as a final polisher replacing traditional ion exchange units, which required chemical regeneration using base and acid reagents.

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