Enterprise Management System

Source: Meridium, Inc.
This system has received certification from SAP.
This system has received certification from SAP. The certification applies to their interface to SAP's R/3 Plant Maintenance Module (PM), which allows the software to use SAP PM data for advanced equipment reliability analysis. This analysis helps companies predict and prevent failures and lower operating and maintenance costs.

The Reliability Manager software module uses the historical maintenance data collected in SAP PM to analyze asset life, failure patterns and failure probability to calculate optimal preventive maintenance intervals. This analysis automatically generates notifications and quality measurements in SAP PM. This integration allows companies to define reliability and performance parameters and automatically generate a request for work in SAP PM when those parameters are exceeded.

The interface with SAP R/3 includes an Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) utility from SAP PM to the manufacturer's Registry that allows the ETL to extract equipment, functional location, notification and work order data from SAP PM. The company can then use this data for analysis and to generate the preventive maintenance work requests.

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