Employee Concerns Program

Source: National Inspection & Consultants, Inc
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission along with other governmental agencies
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission along with other governmental agencies have mandated that "employers must maintain an environment in which employees are free to raise concerns without the fear of retaliation."

Employee Concerns should be, and most often are, resolved within a company's normal chain of authority. However, many times conditions exist where an employee feels that voicing concerns will result in retaliation by their supervisor or manager. Even when senior management feels that employees concerns are being handled prudently, they may be mishandled by middle management.

The employee concerns programs developed and implemented by NIC provide an avenue for employees to resolve concerns within the organization in a way that 1) ensures their anonymity and confidentiality to the extent that they desire, 2) brings significant valid concerns to the attention of company management, and 3) provides the employee with a constructive alternative of expressing concerns to outside organizations, or the news media. These programs have prevented scores of lawsuits and litigation cases and have been looked upon by regulatory agencies as a proactive approach to dealing with issues brought forward that otherwise may go unreported or worse yet be reported to outside agencies and result in costly WHISTLEBLOWER lawsuits.

How the program works: How NIC can benefit your program:
1. Interview process-
intake of concerns is performed by trained interviewers to identify and categorize specific concerns.
2. Investigation process-
fact-based and unbiased investigations are conducted to determine root cause, identify trends, and validate the issues.
3. Feedback-
provides direct feedback of the investigation results to the concerned individual as well as providing a unique source of invaluable information to senior management.
4. Follow-up-
provides the necessary follow-up when corrective actions are implemented

How NIC can benefit your program: Program Development:
NIC will develop a comprehensive employee concerns program tailored to fit your organization.
NIC can provide specific employee concerns investigator training to your investigators.
Staff Investigators:
NIC investigators assigned to work within your program.
NIC can provide an assessment of your employee concerns programs for compliance and effectiveness.

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