Newsletter | June 23, 2005

6.23.05 — Emerson Awarded Brunner Island Power Plant Upgrade Contract
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Pollution Online's 2005

Power Online's sister site, Pollution Online is proud to present its "Vendors You Need To Know" list for 2005. Discover a wide array of suppliers from across environmental industries involved in the control and prevention of pollution from industrial and commercial sources.

Featured Article
Case Study: Baltimore Gas And Electric-Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Deoxygenation System
Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors are being used to deoxygenate the high purity makeup water at BG&E Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant in Lusby, MD. Ecolochem, Inc. designed, built, and now maintains the make-up water treatment system under a service contract. The deoxygenation system consists of three Liqui-Cel Membrane contactors. The contactors contain thousands of microporous hollow fiber membranes. The hydrophobic membrane acts as an inert support structure that allows the gas and liquid phase to come into contact at the membrane's pore. By altering the concentration and pressure of the gases in contact with the water, gases can be selectively dissolved or removed from the water...

Top News Stories
Emerson Awarded Brunner Island Power Plant Upgrade Contract
EarthFirst, Triad Join Forces To Create New Electrical Contracting Firm
ION 8600 Revenue Meter For Power Quality
Basin Electric To Supply 22 MW From Recovered Energy
Clark County Energizes Las Vegas Community With Power Measurement
Tondu To Utilize Shell Global Solutions Gasification Technology
AEP Announces Additional Environmental Investments At Five Plants
Featured Products
IEEE Power Substations & Power Switchgear, Circuit Breakers And Fuses Standards CD-ROM Set
This IEEE Standards product is part of the C37 Family on Switchgear, Substations & Protective Relays. Contains all current IEEE Power Substations and IEEE Power Switchgear, Circuit Breaker and Fuses standards, featuring the new VuSpec interface...

CTI Coatings & Retubing Services
CTI provides 100% solids epoxy coatings formulated to suit specific job conditions, and retubing services for your heat exchangers...

Caterpillar UPS 150 kVA System With Flywheel-Based Technology
The Cat® UPS 150 kVA System offers minimal input current distortion, transient protection and harmonic distortion cancellation, enabling seamless integration with Caterpillar generator set systems...

Digital Megohmmeter/Insulation Tester
  • 500V-5 kV DC Test Voltage, Insulation Range to 5 TW
  • Automated Test Functions
  • Measures Voltage, Leakage Current and Capacitance
  • and more.....

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    Brochure: Mercury Freedom System
    Thermo introduces a complete mercury monitoring solution. Thermo's Mercury Freedom System is one of the world's only mercury continuous monitoring systems that stands up to the rigorous standards of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Performance Specifications 12A and the operating and maintenance requirements of the power generation industry...
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