Electricity Shortages and Brownouts: Natural Gas May Be the Solution for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Source: Power Save International
After a summer of skyrocketing electric bills, brownouts and shortages, many business owners are frustrated and concerned about the future

September 22, 2000 (Tamarac, FL) - After a summer of skyrocketing electric bills, brownouts and shortages, many business owners are frustrated and concerned about the future. But a new application of a well proven technology may offer a solution. The Power Save International CoGenAirHeat System uses natural gas as the primary fuel source for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and hot water, plus emergency electric back up to help prevent interruptions. In general, gas utilities are not subject to the same strains as electric utilities during peak use time, the usual cause of brownouts.

For years, many large manufacturing facilities and institutions have relied on natural gas co-generation for electrical power, but the technology has not been cost-effective for small and mid-sized businesses. Now, however, Power Save has developed a turnkey system that brings the technology to thousands of qualifying small and mid-sized businesses, including manufacturing plants, warehouses, office buildings, hospitals, schools and other institutions.

"Over two million small businesses have been excluded from the benefits of utility deregulation," says Scott Balmer, Chairman of Power Save International, Inc. of Tamarac, Florida. "With the CoGenAirHeat System, they can reap the financial benefits of deregulation and maintain a more reliable, cost-effective energy source for their business."

"If your electric bills are more than $4,000 a month and you have access to natural gas, the CoGenAirHeat System will save you money," says Balmer. "You are guaranteed to save ten percent or more on your utility costs from the day the system is operational, and that's with no out-of-pocket costs and no risk to your business."

Power Save funds the entire project for qualified sites and arranges installation and ongoing maintenance to be performed by local affiliate companies. A simple four-step qualifying process is available on Power Save's Web site at and eligible companies can receive a free economic analysis from Power Save upon request.

The CoGenAirHeat System is environmentally friendly, too. The energy efficiency of a co-generation system is approximately twice that of conventional electrical generation, and nitrogen oxide emissions are as much as ten times less.

Power Save has filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission and is raising capital for the expected high demand for the CoGenAirHeat System.

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