EGATROL - Gas Turbine Control Solution

Source: ABB Power Plant Automation
The ABB gas turbine control solution EGATROL protects a full range of gas turbines including the heavy-duty gas turbines
The ABB gas turbine control solution EGATROL protects a full range of gas turbines including the heavy-duty gas turbines. It allows the fully automatic operation of the turbine, through start-up, continuous operation, and shutdown. Its modular structure has been designed together with turbine manufacturers to fit all applications of the gas turbine: from stand-alone single cycle machines up to the tightly integrated single-shaft combined cycle power plants.

The EGATROL gas turbine control system is based on the Advant distributed control system.


  • The functions of the EGATROL gas turbine control solution have been designed together with turbine manufacturers. This close co-operation in the development ensures an optimal fit of the control system to the gas turbine process
  • Complete unit fully tested with dynamic simulator. The in-depth process know-how available within ABB permits the development of a full scope dynamic simulator to test the whole gas turbine control system before shipment on site
  • The EGATROL makes use of several unique features of the Advant Power platform, which have been optimized to fit the most demanding requirements of heavy-duty gas turbines
  • Open system architecture
  • Redundant processing and communication capabilities
  • Modular structure of hardware and software
  • Includes operating data counter and vibration monitoring equipment
  • Comprehensive diagnostics
  • Engineering, documentation and service tool with on-line configuration, debugging and documentation
  • Seamless integration into ABB combined cycle power plant automation solutions
  • Fully automatic start-up and shut-down of the gas turbine, including all auxiliary systems and devices
  • Fully automatic control of load, frequency and temperature during all stages of operation
  • Automatic part load operation with maximized thermal efficiency by optimum burner management and inlet guide vane control
  • Tight control of process due to fast response times
  • Fail-safe design for safety of personnel and equipment with a fault tolerant 2 out of 3 safety system
  • Robust construction suitable for power plant conditions