DSF-2000 Scanners

Source: Coen Company, Inc.
DSF-2000 Scanners
Finally . . . revolutionary scanner technology that simplifies your operations and provides tremendous cost savings
Defining A New Standard

Finally . . . revolutionary scanner technology that simplifies your operations and provides tremendous cost savings. Once again, Coen leads the way by developing the most advanced flame scanning solutions while maintaining the highest quality standards. Our latest design integrates the scanner and signal processor in one. By eliminating the stand alone signal processor, our new scanner not only simplifies operations, but also reduces cost and space.

Additionally, this new scanner line substantially cuts installation time by using powerful but user-friendly PC-based software. And as guaranteed in any Coen product, the scanners are durable, rugged products contained in explosion-proof housing designed for hazardous areas.

With a solid state detector, an on-board digital signal processor, sophisticated, tightly packaged electronics, and rugged housing, our new series represents the most technologically advanced scanner available in industry today. Combine all this with its use of powerful and user-friendly software and the correct choice for your next scanner purchase comes clearly into focus: Coen's new scanner series.

The Cost Effective Solution

By integrating the signal processor and scanner into a single housing, the new DSF-2000 scanners provide the following cost saving benefits:

  • Expensive control cabinet hardware eliminated
  • System wiring minimized
  • Extensive technician training unnecessary
  • Easy installation reduces commissioning time
  • Control cabinet space freed for other equipment
The Rugged Solution

Like all Coen products, the DSF-2000 is built to be the most durable, reliable product available in the market today.

  • The solid state detector is the core of this durability
      • No moving parts
      • High reliability
      • Low Maintenance
      • Simple self-checking of circuit response
  • Specially designed by Coen engineers, the DSF-2000 housing is of the highest quality
      • Compact configuration allows for easy positioning in tight burner front area
      • Lightweight design avoids the need for frequent re-alignment
      • Explosion-proof housing approved by FM, UL, and CSA
The Simple Solution

The microprocessor based design, windows-based software, and on screen displays makes the new DSF 2000 very user friendly. System status, individual burner status, and flame signal data are always at your finger tips:
The System Display

  • Handles any number of burners
  • Provides information on scanner history and current status instantly
  • Eliminates lights, pushbuttons, meters and other hardware of old scanner systems
  • Offers software in several formats for every scanning application
  • Eliminates of stand-alone signal processor
The Burner Display
  • On screen adjustments saves set up time compared to old manual systems
  • Self learning adjustments for sensitivity, flicker frequency, and threshold
  • Gain and threshold limits easily adjusted on screen for each burner
  • Flame and flicker frequency burner status shown for each burner
  • Flame-on Icon readily visible
  • Automatic gain adjustment
The Flame Status Display
  • Complete history of flame characteristics
  • Easily adjust flame response for each fuel
  • Easily discriminate one flame from others
  • Flame deterioration seen ahead of time
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