Presentation | June 18, 2010

Presentation: Dry Sorbent Injection Of SOLVAir Select 150 Trona For SO3 Mitigation

Source: SOLVAir Natural Solutions

By Heidi Davidson, Solvay Chemicals, Inc.

Trials will be conducted at several utilities using the SOLVAir Select 150. The Select 150 is a milled Trona product used for removing SO3 in flue gas. The Select 150 is expected to behave in a similar manner to the SOLVAir Select 200 material from removal efficiency and handling aspects. The Select 150 is milled from a coarse Trona product down to d50 of approximately 25 microns; the overall particle size distribution range will be a tighter range than that of Select 200. The coarse Trona product is transported from Wyoming to a location in the Midwest, allowing large quantity storage to also mitigate supply chain risks.