Presentation | June 18, 2010

Presentation: Dry Sorbent Injection Of Sodium Sorbents For Acid Gas Mitigation In Waste Incineration

Source: SOLVAir® Solutions

By Heidi Davidson and Yougen Kong Solvay Chemicals, Inc.


As the global focus changes its sights to more sustainable processes, Solvay and SOLVAir® Solutions are able to support the necessary air pollution mitigation needs with sodium sorbents. Using DSI with sodium bicarbonate or trona, the objective is to control mainly HCl and SO2. DSI provides a low-capital alternative for treating flue gas, and sodium sorbents are a viable treatment used to mitigate acid gases at many MSW incinerators. For applications treating HCl in Europe and Asia, removal efficiencies were seen at levels of 99% and greater. Levels of SO2 removal were also greater than 95%.