Company Profile | March 15, 2001

Doubletree Systems, Inc.

Source: Doubletree Systems, Inc.
Doubletree Systems, Inc. has extensive experience with automation, power system operation, and high-voltage equipment testing and specializes in providing a totally open solution to electric utilities.

Doubletree Systems, Inc. develops and provides open systems POLARIS® - on-line substation equipment condition monitoring system and SA200 - substation automation, as well as consulting and engineering services to electric utilities around the world.

Using the same environment, POLARIS® and SA200® ,both can run at the same platform or network to share the information using standard interfaces like TCP/IP, ODBC, DNP, OPC, XML, etc.

Taking the Pacific Rim area as a growing market, what Doubletree Systems, Inc.'s promise to the market is to bring advanced, mature technologies and have the user well trained.

Here are our products and services:

  • POLARIS® - On line substation equipment condition monitoring system
  • SA200® - Substation automation
  • RS232/RS485 Smart converter ( addressable converter )
  • Substation distribution cable insultation and grounded fault monitor
  • SCADA/EMS/DMS/DA consulting
  • Manufacturer's representative