Distributor of valves and instrumentation

Source: Mitech Controls
Clark Reliance: Boiler Trim, Water Columns, alarms
Clark Reliance: Boiler Trim, Water Columns, alarms

Hi Gear/Apco: High Pressure Valves & Regulators

Mogas Industries: Servere Service Ball Valves

Magnesonics: Float & Level Displacers, Tuning Forks

Jerguson: Liquid Level Gauges,Mica & Kel-F Shields

Dynasonics: Ultrasonic, Transit-time Meters

Reotemp Inst: Thermometers & Pressure Gauges

Proco: Expansion Joints & Rubber Products

SVF Flow Controls: Ball Valves

C-Temp: Thermocouples, RTD's & Thermowells

ABB Instrumentation: Valve Positioners,I/p's

M-Systems: Signal Conditioners

Dwyer: Flow, Level, Temp, Control Products

ASCO: Solenoid Valves, Pressure Switches

Ashcroft: Pressure & Temperature Products

Ralston Instruments: Calibration & Test Equipment

Brooks Instruments: Flow-meters

Elomatic: Pneumatic & Electric Actuators

Stewart Instruments: Remanufactured Transmitters

Mitech Controls, PO Box 382, Yorba Linda, CA 92895. Tel: 714-695-2999; Fax: 714-695-2986.