Display Products

Source: TransTours Exhibits, Inc.
TransTours Exhibits has many display products ranging in size from a whole piece of show equipment in an exclusive or training program to a graphic
TransTours Exhibits, Inc.roduct technology areas Item #PS7230 72"h x 30"w available as a WP, WS, CC, or PF Staffing 42 shows.
Item #BR3012 30"h x 12"w in a WP Staffing By Request

All of the TransTours show equipment is custom built with four types of interchangeable interior components. These include floor to ceiling wall panels-WP, cabinets with countertops for product demonstrations with upper display areas-CC, platform displays for large and heavy equipment with upper display area-PF, and computer or training workstations with seating, and upper display areas – WS. Many options are offered to fit all types of products, services, and technologies. Customized display products are available to meet multiple brands and divisions with standard mix and match components.

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