DIALA Electrical Oils

Source: Shell Lubricants
These products have high electrical resistance and are thermally and oxidatively stable.
Shell DIALA A and AX. Electrical insulating oils meet or exceed standard specifications required by both ANSI/ASTM D 3487 and NEMA TR-P8-1975 for U.S. electrical oil applications. These products have high electrical resistance and are thermally and oxidatively stable. Two oils, designated Type I and Type II, are covered in these specifications. Type I oil is intended for more severe service applications requiring greater oxidation stability. Both DIALA A and DIALA AX are available for domestic use or export.

Shell DIALA A. Shell DIALA A is an uninhibited electrical insulating fluid that contains no additives. It is excellent for use in transformers, circuit breakers, oil-filled switches and X-ray equipment. Shell DIALA A oil meets Type I requirements without the addition of an oxidation inhibitor. It is naturally resistant to the formation of acids and sludge that can shorten the life of your valuable equipment.

Shell DIALA AX. Shell DIALA AX has all the same great characteristics of DIALA A with the addition of an inhibitor to improve oxidation stability for severe use or extended life applications. It meets Type II requirements, and was the first commercially available inhibited electrical insulating oil on the market. DIALA AX retains all the desirable qualities of a new insulating oil over very long periods of time.

Shell DIALA M. With the increasing globalization of the electrical oil business and the need for international equipment manufacturers to be able to move their equipment to different parts of the world, Shell recognized the need for a universal product that essentially met all the specifications for electrical oil worldwide. Shell DIALA M is a powerful new generation of naphthenic electrical oil designed to provide maximum protection and enhanced service life over a broad range of operating conditions. It is the first electrical oil to meet or exceed the four major international standards: IEC 296 CLASS I and CLASS II; ASTM D 3487; BS 148 1998; and VDE 0370 CLASS A (DIN 57370-1). This outstanding oil delivers a high level of reliability and consistency, as well as improved oxidation stability for the higher thermal loads of modern transformers. It also provides excellent performance in cooling and protecting against electrical breakdown in all types of operating conditions.

Shell DIALA MX. Shell DIALA MX is the inhibited version of our new universal electrical oil. It possesses all the same great qualities and characteristics as Shell DIALA M, but it also contains an antioxidant additive for applications where transformer oils may be subjected to unusually high stress conditions. This high-quality additive provides additional resistance to oxidative degradation.

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