News | November 14, 2000

DeZURIK and Copes-Vulcan combine to expand solutions for power generation industry

DeZURIK and Copes-Vulcan combine to expand solutions for power generation industry

Drawing upon the power of two, the newly combined DeZURIK/Copes-Vulcan company has developed a new business strategy, along with new products and product line expansions.

Wayne Robbins, president of DeZURIK/Copes-Vulcan, said that combining the companies allows them to expand their business philosophy. According to Robbins, "Both companies base their success on knowing a customer's process from the inside out, and we will continue to work in that tradition."

The company's products and services meet requirements for general as well as severe service operating conditions, and include a full range of valves as well as desuperheaters and other steam conditioning equipment.

The valves are specified in operating conditions such as high-pressure drop, high temperature, or applications prone to erosion, high noise levels, or vibration. The control valves provide service in pump recirculation, feedwater control and start-up, and critical pressure drop for liquids and steam. Customers can also specify a wide selection of valve trim styles to meet their precise operating requirements.

For the power industry, the company's valves provide automated on/off and throttling control throughout a power plant, from water intake, boiler feedwater and condensate, to cooling water, scrubber slurry, and fly ash removal. Rotary and globe control, butterfly, plug and gate valves provide general service control up to ANSI Class 600. A complete range of actuators and positioners, including smart valve controllers, help ensure high performance and improved loop control.

DeZURIK/Copes-Vulcan business strategy focuses on the development of new valve technologies in direct response to industry requirements. Recent product line expansions include the development of valves for higher pressures and temperatures, valves for corrosion resistance, and valves for automatic control applications.

While maintaining its corporate headquarters in Minnesota, the company also has manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania, Canada, Mexico, India, and England, and sales and service centers in Singapore, China, and Indonesia.

New valve controller optimizes control valve performance in power plants
The new DeZURIK/Copes-Vulcan Intelli-Pulse digital valve controller is designed to accurately position globe and rotary control valves three times faster than industry standards, providing optimal performance of control valves in power plants. Because it can repeat up to 500 positions, the unit helps users improve the modulation of steam, fuel, and cooling water flow.

The controller features "smart" onboard controls and diagnostics for monitoring valve performance while the valve is online. Such "real-time" valve performance data gives early warning of problems, which helps prevent emergency repair or shutdown.

The IntelliPulse speed and accuracy is due to a patent-pending, piezo-driven, three-stage pneumatic system that amplifies low-volume, low-pressure pneumatic control inputs into control valve movements. According to Doug Tanner, DeZURIK research engineer, the control system makes the controller a "true digital" positioner because the air is either on or off. He said, "This creates rapid, high-pressure, high-volume air pulses that can start, move, and stop a valve faster and more accurately than positioners that rely on conventional pneumatic technology."

It also features a giant-magneto-resistive (GMR) sensing technology for improved accuracy and reliability. The patent-pending, non-contact sensors are designed to withstand rugged operating conditions and resist heat, moisture, and vibration. When exactness is a must, the GMR sensor can be embedded in the bottom valve cover of DeZURIK rotary control valves, allowing the Intelli-Pulse positioner to monitor the exact position of the valve.

Trim for control valves reduces erosion and noise
The RAVEN trim for control valves provides true velocity control to reduce erosion an noise in services such as pump recirculation, feedwater control, and turbine bypass. The patented disc stack design includes multiple inlet and outlet passages and internal relief points that provide a high degree of efficiency and noise attenuation capabilities.

The trim is made by bonding together layers of individual maze-like discs. Each disc features a pattern of controlled inlets, turns and channels etched into its surface to produce the required flow capacity and stages of pressure drop. The disc stack can be further characterized to provide a curve to meet the specific application requirements over the entire range of valve travel. Depending on the fluid being controlled, the stack disc design is made from 304SS, 316SS, 400SS and super alloy materials.

RAVEN trim is available in DeZURIK/Copes-Vulcan control valves in sizes 1 through 24 in. and pressure classes from ANSI 150 to 4500. Depending on plug or trim type, the valves can provide shutoff ranging from ANSI/FCI 70-2 Class IV to VI.

For more information on DeZURIK/Copes-Vulcan or their products, contact the company at 250 Riverside Ave. N., Sartell, MN 56377; Tel: 320-259-2000; Fax: 320-259-2227; e-mail:; website:

By Michele Lombardo, Product Editor, Power Online