DensityPRO NAI Gauge


Reduce energy emissions while increasing worker safety, reducing capital costs, and ensuring global ECO requirements. The Thermo Scientific™ DensityPRO NAI non-contacting gauge uses a smaller source that emits up to 50% less radiation depending on application. This source head is the nuclear source that emits gamma radiation. This emission of energy will pass through the pipe or vessel wall, process material, and to the efficient detector opposite the source head.  As the process material changes in density, the amount of energy reaching the detector also changes. By converting this energy reading to a density measurement, the system achieves a highly precise reading, enabling rapid response to variations in density.

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  • Noncontacting nuclear density gauge offering high stability, precision, and an unrivaled ambient operating temperature range to ensure reliable operation in virtually any climate
  • Smaller source size for increased safety and lower capital costs
  • Dynamic ambient temperature range
  • Gauge stability enhances precision for improved process control
  • Flexible configuration
  • Design for rugged performance