Densadeg XRC™ Extreme Rate Clarification

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Densadeg XRC Extreme Rate Clarification

The Densadeg XRC is a unique combination of solids contact, ballast addition and solids recirculation principles providing enhanced, rapid treatment.

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The DensadegXRC™ is a high-rate settling clarifier process combining solids contact, ballast addition and solids recirculation to provide enhanced, high-rate settling of solids.


  • Extreme Loading Rates:
    • CSO/SSO: 40 – 60 gpm/ft2
    • Tertiary/Industrial: 30 – 50 gpm/ft2
  • Compact footprint = low installation cost
  • Ability to retrofit existing basins
  • Tertiary phosphorous removal <0.1 mg/L
  • Fast start-up time:
    • <10 minutes
    • No sludge inventory required for startup
  • Eliminates need for CSO storage
  • Pilot available

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