DDE Server

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DDE Server
DDE Server for RTXHDB is a Microsoft Windows program
DDE Server for RTXHDB is a Microsoft Windows program. It provides a real time information resource for the RTXHDB Historical Databases through DDE, allowing DDE Clients to receive data directly from the RTXHDB. Hot Links can be created so that changes in the historical databases are updated to the client applications automatically. Applications such as Microsoft Excel can contain DDE references specifying Tag names or "Expressions" for the DDE Server. (See RTXHDB Applications - Expressions and Functions)

Typical DDE Client applications are Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and Lotus 1-2-3 for Windows.

Also available, as a companion product to the DDE Server for RTXHDB, is the Variables Add-In for RTXHDB.


  • DDE References permit live updates and allow data reduction, producing very compact and efficient applications, from RTX Historical DataBases
  • Server can coexist with other DDE Servers
  • Server can simultaneously communicate with multiple DDE Clients
  • Server supports high speed DDE
  • Configuration of required applications can be accomplished on a Personal Computer

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