DCS 2000

Source: Azonix Corporation
DCS 2000
The µDCS 2000 from Azonix is a rugged, high performance distributed control system designed for use in plant floor applications
The µDCS 2000 from Azonix is a rugged, high performance distributed control system designed for use in plant floor applications. The system provides you with a complete control solution for those small to mid-sized applications requiring hundreds of I/O points. The system is extremely adaptable and easy to configure and recon-figure as needed. It can easily be "dropped" into your existing plant-wide network.

Simple System Configuration, Reconfiguration and Maintenance

Configuration of both the host and controller is performed simultaneously via a menu-driven program, putting control of the entire system where it belongs -- in the hands of the process engineer, scientist or plant manager. No knowledge of Ladder Logic, C or device-specific languages is required. Tag names are defined once and used seamlessly in both control and operator interface functions throughout the system. Users can quickly locate and resolve alarm conditions, alter program parameters and analyze on-line reports. Changes (frequently required in pilot plant and laboratory control applications) are easily implemented while the central system remains ONLINE.

Extensive I/O Options

The system incorporates an extensive number of isolated signal conditioning options. Single point modules with 1500V rms isolation are available to interface to your sensors and analog inputs (such as thermocouple, RTD, current, mV, V and strain gage inputs). The modules provide a solution with single point integrity, resulting in the most reliable system design. The µDCS 2000 also has built-in serial port capability and extensive serial driver support to directly interface to control pumps, balances and other serial devices.

The µDCS 2000 is factory tough

The µDCS 2000 is housed in a rugged metal enclosure to resist the dust, dirt, shock and vibration of factory floor environments. The enclosure also provides excellent EMI/RFI immunity, assuring accuracy even in extremely noisy environments. There are no moving parts in the µDCS 2000 System. When combined with the µDCS 2000's unique low-power design, the result is unmatched MTBF.

Full local control combined with complete network access

The µDCS 2000 system comes with an integral Ethernet connection for high-speed, plant-wide network access. Such a networked system provides many advantages. Recipes can be stored on a host system and downloaded to the µDCS 2000 when needed. Each µDCS 2000 node can be viewed locally by the operator and remotely by management. Systems can be modified from anywhere on the network.


  • System Processor:
  • Pentium-Class CPU System Memory:
  • Expandable to 128 MB (call for standard)
  • Flash Disk, (expandable, call for standard)) Communications:
  • 4 Serial RS-232 Ports
  • Built-In Ethernet (10 Base T, compatible with 100 Base T) Enclosure:
  • Dust-proof, all metal ADC Resolution:
  • 16 Bit ADC ADC Conversion:
  • 25,000 samples per second DAC Resolution:
  • 16 bit System Throughput:
  • 256 PID loops per second Temperature Range:
  • 0° to +60° C


    Analog I/O Capacity:

  • Up to 256 Points Analog I/O Functions:
  • TC's, RTD's, Strain Gage, mV, mA, Inputs Current and Voltage Outputs I/O Modularity:
  • Single Channel Modules and Multichannel Cards Calibrated Accuracy:
  • 0.05% Common Mode Voltage:
  • 1500 V rms Common Mode Rejection:
  • 160 dB Differential Input Protection:
  • 220 V rms


    Digital I/O Capacity:

  • Up to 960 Points Digital I/O Functions:
  • Solid State Interface to Digital I/O
  • Event Counting, Frequency, Pulse I/O, Time Proportional Outputs


    Serial I/O:

  • Up to 8 Direct Ports for Interface to Serial DataDevices, expandable through Digital I/O Ports


  • Microsoft® Windows® NT, FIX MMI® for graphical display and supervisory control, C or Basic for custom programming applications