CTG Current Transducer

Source: Ohio Semitronics, Inc.
CTG Current Transducer
The CTG Current Transducer is a Hall-effect sensor intergrated together with an output amplifier
Ohio Semitronics, Transducer is a Hall-effect sensor intergrated together with an output amplifier. The CTG series offers a number of current range, outputs and sensor dimensions. Hall-effect current measurement is a non-contact technique that measures the magnetizing effects of current flowing in a conductor. This measurement type offers a number of benefits not afforded by conventional direct or contact (in-line) measurement. Some of these benefits are high electrical isolation between conductor and sensor output, high overload capability, fast response to input changes and no power consumption on measured circuit


  • Accuracy of ±1% F.S.
  • 5000 Volt line-to-output isolation.
  • DC to 400 Hertz response.
  • Sensor and amplifier in one package.
  • Available in split-core configurations.
  • Output is proportional in direction and magnitude to the current flow through the window.
  • Overload capability to 10 times rating (at 60 Hz).
  • Stability maintained during severe vibration.
  • Models available to 5,000 A.
  • Replaces shunts. No insertion loss.
  • Response time less than 100 microseconds.


  • Ideal for use on ac systems with dc components and/or chopped waveforms.

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