News | March 30, 2012

Craig Beckman Named President Of MIOX

Source: MIOX Corporation

Beckman's promotion represents a commitment to customers and distribution partners

MIOX Corporation, a leader in disinfection technology, announced recently that Craig Beckman has been promoted to president of MIOX. The appointment reflects Beckman's key role in MIOX's aggressive business growth strategy, driving new partner development and new product commercialization since he joined the company in August 2011. He will be responsible for the daily operations of the company, enabling MIOX CEO Carlos Perea to focus on longer-term strategic initiatives including building international markets and partnerships.

"Craig's top priority will be to expand our existing markets by supporting our channel partners and customers," said Carlos. "He brings a tremendous wealth of sales and marketing expertise and this new structure should enable us to grow our existing business and develop future opportunities more aggressively."

Beckman brings 20 years of water industry experience and expertise, with a history of successfully driving growth through increased distribution and international markets. He joined MIOX in August as an EVP, and has been overseeing sales, marketing and business development. Previously, at GE Power & Water, Beckman had many executive roles in sales and marketing management. Prior to GE, Beckman led sales at Osmonics, where he contributed to a tenfold increase in revenue before its acquisition by GE in 2002. His extensive global market experience includes oil and gas, desalination, food and beverage, power, municipal and microelectronics.

About MIOX Corporation
MIOX designs and manufactures systems that provide on-demand disinfection chemistry, eliminating the need to transport hazardous chemicals and reducing carbon footprint. MIOX systems are used in multiple applications through a wide range of products, cost-effectively producing disinfection chemistry from 0.5 to 2,000 pounds per day FAC (free available chlorine). With this flexibility, the applications range from large industrial cooling towers and water and wastewater treatment plants to smaller swimming pool and clean-in-place applications.

SOURCE: MIOX Corporation