Cordless Headset Telephone Systems

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Cordless Headset Telephone Systems
The Plantronics CS10/CA10 Cordless Headset Telephone is a new cordless headset system that combines the "hands-free"
The Plantronics CS10/CA10 Cordless Headset Telephone is a new cordless headset system that combines the "hands-free" benefits of headsets with the mobility of cordless technology at a price that's affordable for the office, small office/home office and call center. The CS10 Cordless Telephone Headset System lets users move and communicate with ease, whether it's to grab a file or confer with a coworker while maintaining clear, uninterrupted conversation.

The CS10 headset system uses a small, lightweight remote unit and Plantronics' popular convertible headset to allow users to work, walk and talk as they move around the office. The compact remote unit has been designed for convenience, measuring only 3 inches high and 1.5 inches wide. The small size and light weight of the remote allows it to be clipped unobtrusively to the user's belt or pocket or slipped into the pocket for complete mobility. Users get all-day, all-over-the-office mobility with a range up to 150 feet, 6 hours of talk time and 80 hours standby time. The remote unit has convenient controls for adjusting receive volume, mute and channel selection, making it easy to keep conversations crisp and clear. With the addition of an optional handset lifter, users can remotely answer and hang-up calls, for the ultimate in cordless convenience.

The 900 MHz CS10/CA10 systems connects directly to single or multi-line corded telephones through a base amplifier that cradles the remote unit for recharging when the remote is not in use. The base also has a control for adjusting transmit volume, a headset stand for easy accessibility and a pager to locate a misplaced remote unit.

The optional HL1 Automatic Handset Lifter extends the flexibility of the CS10 cordless headset system, so users can answer a call even when they're away from their desk. When the phone rings, the Lifter detects the call and rings the remote unit. The user simply presses the "Talk" button on the remote unit to activate the Lifter and answer the call. When the call is over, another press of the button hangs up. The HL1 lifter installs easily on almost any telephone. Plantronics is also releasing the CA10 cordless amplifier, which is a version of the CS10 product, that includes only the amplifier base and cordless remote. The CA10 system extends cordless mobility to the entire line of Plantronics H-series headsets, which are used primarily in applications such as call centers.

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