Continuous Microfiltration (CMF) Systems

Continuous Microfiltration (CMF) Systems
With the cost of "clean" water rising and the need to conserve and recycle water escalating, there is an
With the cost of "clean" water rising and the need to conserve and recycle water escalating, there is an increasing demand for technologies that can effectively and economically treat secondary sewage from local municipalities for recycle as boiler feed make-up water. Typically, waters high in total suspended solids (TSS) and total dissolved solids (TDS) are first treated with conventional clarification by flocculation/settling and media filtration. The water is then polished with either reverse osmosis (RO) or deionization (DI) before the water is suitable for use as boiler feed. However, conventional clarification/filtration methods are often inadequate, resulting in poor RO performance, fouled membranes and a subsequent increase in operating and maintenance costs.

Designed to remove particles greater than 0.2 microns, including suspended solids and bacteria, continuous microfiltration (CMF) systems use hollow fiber microporous membranes encapsulated into a bundle to form a filter module. Each module is connected by a patented interlocking mechanism that reduces external plumbing requirements. Features and benefits of this system include:

•Effluent with a consistent silt density index (SDI) less than 3 allows the RO to be operated at higher flux rates. A smaller RO system can therefore be used, reducing capital costs.
•RO membrane fouling is virtually eliminated, substantially increasing the interval between RO membrane cleaning and extending RO membrane life.
•Ability to handle variable feed streams containing high suspended solids.
•High-quality effluent is assured with built-in integrity diagnostic monitoring system.
•Compact, modular design is easy to install.
•Fully automatic with easy on/off operation. Only periodic monitoring and data logging is required.
•Compressed air backwash removes suspended solids, eliminating the need for a separate "filtered" water storage and pumping system.

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