Newsletter | June 13, 2019

06.13.19 -- Consumers Energy Receives Approval For Clean Energy Plan In Michigan

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Quick Facts: What’s New, Pussycat? Cleaning Up Cement And Biomass Flue Gas Emissions With DSI!
By SOLVAir Solutions
SOLVAir Solutions is known for helping coal-fired power plants clean the air, but it’s not so well known that sodium sorbents used in Dry Sorbent Injection are effectively utilized in cleaning up cement and biomass emissions. Read on for more information about mitigating flue gas emissions in the cement and biomass industries.
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AMI INSPECTOR Conductivity Datasheet

Portable inspection equipment for quality assurance of conductivity monitors. A complete portable system mounted on a small, aluminum panel.

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FiltraFast Extreme-Rate Compressible Media Filter

FiltraFast is a high-rate downflow gravity or pressure filter that uses a unique compressible media. The filter only uses hydraulic loading to create the required media porosity without any mechanical compressing devices. A proprietary backwash sequence enables maximum recovery, extends media life, and limits energy consumption.

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