Datasheet | May 2, 2012

Condumax W CLS15 and CLS15D Datasheet


Measurement in pure and ultrapure water:

  • Monitoring ion exchangers
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Distillation
  • Chip cleaning

The measuring range of the sensors depends on the cell constant k:

  • k = 0.01 cm–1: 0.04 to 20 μS/cm
  •  k = 0.1 cm–1: 0.1 to 200 μS/cm

Sensors with a temperature sensor are used together with conductivity transmitters equipped with automatic temperature compensation:

  • Liquiline M CM42
  • Mycom S CLM153
  • Liquisys M CLM223/253

For measurement of resistivity, MΩ · cm measuring ranges are available in the menus of these transmitters.