Complete Naval Systems Series

Source: Forecast International/DMS
Complete Naval Systems Series
The Naval Systems Series is a compilation of Two Naval Market intelligence services.
A compilation of Two Naval Market intelligence services. Both of the Databases are an invaluable reference source containing a series of reports that cover the development and production programs that will dominate these sectors over the next ten years. Each report provides contact information on the companies involved in that project, a technical description of the equipment involved and a concise description of its funding, history and background. The future prospects of each program are assessed and a probable production forecast for the next decade included. These databases include detailed market overviews that look at the technical and economic trends affecting the sector as a whole. An annual subscription to this product will provide both services in their entirty, at least one update of the reports and analyses during the following calendar year and an E-mail market alert service that provides Subscribers with breaking news and important developments concerning the subject area. The sophisticated Windows ®-based program will allow searches across both volumes of data. Binders are updated monthly (unless otherwise noted), CD-Rom is updated quarterly, and Real-Time is updated as new information becomes available. CD-ROM & HTML products are sold on the basis of a licensed operating period, and are time dated. Quarterly updated disks replace all data on the original disk, for the scheduled operating period. Two Sevices are as follows: Warships Forecast Anti-Submarine Forecast.

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