Commercial Component Services

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Commercial Component Services
UPS formerly provided services through an ELGAR contract for its manufactured power systems from 1991 to 1995
UPS formerly provided services through an ELGAR contract for its manufactured power systems from 1991 to 1995. UPS now provides service directly to their customers rather than continuing to contract through any manufacturer. We are capable of providing service on all manufacturers' power quality equipment utilizing our extensive expertise and knowledge. Our staff contains over 25 cumulative years of experience on your exact equipment and data supporting your specific site.

A Front Panel for the ELGAR UPS 503-3B was recently quoted at $956.00 from the original manufacturer while the current price available for UPS to provide a similar panel built to the replacement specifications is $205.00. It may be required that you supply drawings from the manufacturer for the related component or send us a sample of the part and UPS will be glad to build a similar component for generally far less than the manufacturer's proposed pricing.

Several manufacturers' products that are the old designs are sometimes not being serviced by the original manufacturer group due to their "obsolete" status. They would prefer you buy a new unit to replace it rather than repair it. Feel free to contact the service department at UPS to put the life back into your power support workhorse. The rugged quality and dependability found in yesterday's products is far and few between in these days of cost cutting designs to stay competitive and the proven reliability is obvious.

Some manufacturers have chosen, in the past, not to inform customers of changes in their product designs. They may now charge for these same changes by way of Purchase Orders for any documentation update requests. Be sure to have UPS do a full evaluation of possible changes prior to the actual ordering of documents you may not need. Changes could simply be corrections to the manufacturer's own documentation that do not have any affect on your equipment, what so ever.

UPS has used its extensive expertise in the design and function of power quality equipment to help customers and manufacturers develop board test procedures, change analysis synopsis, board set-up and calibration procedures for many types of operating equipment and sub assemblies.
Our Automated Test Equipment Station can verify functionality of a board assembly and burn-in the board through functional operation testing so you can confirm you are getting a reliable and verifiable part for your system. Sample engineering documents are available for procedures to confirm board functionality before inserting it in the unit, evaluating changes to the boards that have been performed throughout the years, adjusting and verifying a board once installed in the unit and optimum configuration for your specific application.

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