Combustible Gas Leak Detector

Combustible Gas Leak Detector

  • The 720 is the Affordable Combustible Gas Leak Detector! Finally get rid of soap bubbles and make your job easier.
  • Use the 720 to find leaks on Furnaces, Water Heaters, Propane and combustible Gas Lines and Storage Tanks and Gas Appliances. Automatically detects combustible gasses (Natural Gas, Propane, Butane and many others) - no switching between gasses required.
  • Visual indication of power, tick rate and low battery conditions. Detects as little as 50ppm methane. Find leaks in hard to reach areas with the long, flexible gooseneck probe., P.O. Box 720, Fulton, NY 13069. Tel: 800-537-1339; Fax: 315-592-4796.