Clamp-on Multi-meter

Clamp-on Multi-meter

  • Get the most out of the only meter you carry.
  • Non-contact voltage-Loud Beeper and bright LED indicate the NCV tab is near AC voltages greater than 24V.,
  • Temperature-Thermocouple plugs in directly for accurate readings, even in fast changing environments.,

Hi-voltage indicator you can't miss-both LED and beeper turn on to indicate you've touched a potentially dangerous voltage. Continuity indicated by LED and beeper. Amps AC resolution to 0.01A for heat anticipator circuit (20A range) up to 200AAC with 0.1A resolution (200A range). VDC to 0.01V resolution (20V range). Silicone wire test leads remain flexible in cold weather, withstand caustic chemicals, and work well in high temperatures. go to our site at, P.O. Box 720, Fulton, NY 13069. Tel: 800-537-1339; Fax: 315-592-4796.