CL Check v1.0

Source: Process Control Solutions, Inc.
Use Your PC (No Universal Station Printer Required)
No Universal Station to buy or consign. Save system implementation time by developing your PM, APM and AM Control Language (CL) programs before your DCS arrives.

Syntax check your CL with a 1st pass compile . Quick "As Built" flowcharts document your CL.

Use a cost effective, convenient PC with the familiar Windows appearance. It's the One Tool to build entire programs that are ready to compile.

Quickly Document CL - Provide your client with CL listings and graphical flowcharts at project completion. Fast & easy!

Comprehend - Complete your operator's understanding of your control sequence logic, provide easy-to-read flowcharts.

Eliminate Rework - Eliminate those numerous CL syntax errors before going to the US.

Update - Maintain nonexistent or poorly documented CL for Regulatory Authorities.

Increase Productivity - Maintaining programs? Speed up your comprehension with graphical flowcharts.


  • Create new or modify existing CL (ASCII) code
  • Extensive rule-based 1st pass compile Syntax check
  • Open multiple programs to cut, copy & paste code
  • Instant, accurate, cross referenced flowcharts with customized legends
  • Toggle flowchart Variable List & Comment suppression
  • CL specific keyboard shortcuts
  • Page setup - Customize header & footer
  • Full online help menu
  • Supports PM, APM and AM, LCN R300 to R430


  • PC with Windows 3.1x or Windows 95 or Windows NT v4.0
  • Parallel port for copy protection hardware key (dongle).
  • LCN file transfer method (Bernoulli or Zip drive, CM50).

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