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10.31.19 -- Cation Conductivity Monitoring In Cycling Plants: A New Approach

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Cation Conductivity Monitoring In Cycling Plants: A New Approach
By Randy C. Turner, Swan Analytical USA
Given the substantial fuel cost, environmental issues, and economic impact, any shortening of the time between start-up and reaching full load is of paramount importance. Cation conductivity is still the decisive measurement for the start-up of the steam turbine and the focus is now how fast the cation conductivity results are available and how reliable they are.
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VM3D Volumetric Laser Scanner Datasheet
The Volumetric Laser Scanner (VM3D) is a non-contact, volume-measuring instrument designed for granular solid materials. Based on pulsed laser technology, the VM3D embodies speed and accuracy in a single, easy to use and install product.
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DensadegXRC Extreme Rate Clarification

The DensadegXRC is a high-rate settling clarifier process combining solids contact, ballast addition, and solids recirculation to provide enhanced, high-rate settling of solids.

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