Cartridge Filtration System

Source: Aercology, Donaldson Company
The air inside most manufacturing plants is filled with contaminants
The air inside most manufacturing plants is filled with contaminants. Airborne particulate settles on work surfaces and equipment, damaging sensitive electronic controls, servomotors, and CNC drives of capital equipment. Aercology's Cartridge Filtration systems clean the air in a variety of applications like laser cutting, welding, dry machining, grinding, and deburring. Choose a Cartridge Filtration system when you need to collect fine airborne dust, like plastic powder, bulk dusts, and dry fumes. Aercology offers two series of Cartridge Filtration systems; the CF Series for intermittent duty, portability or applications requiring an overhead ducted or unducted system and the CX Series for permanent, indoor or outdoor applications, with higher airflows, and/or continuous duty requirements.

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