Application Note

Calibration Of The High Purity 8362sc pH Electrode

Source: Hach Company

The calibration of online low conductivity pH probes can be extremely time-consuming. After exposure to a high ionic strength calibration buffer, equilibration back to the low ionic strength process water can take hours. In order to avoid this delay, ASTM D5128 recommends a routine calibration with a grab sample and a standardized laboratory electrode. The portable Hach HQd meter and low ionic strength PHC281 IntelliCAL electrode can be used to quickly calibrate the Hach 8362sc process pH electrode. This application note describes how to perform this routine calibration.

pH is a critical water quality indicator in the high purity/low ionic strength water produced for the steam cycle. Accurate online pH measurement allows power generators to monitor the effectiveness of pH treatment strategies. The 8362sc High Purity Water pH Panel is designed to provide the most reliable and accurate pH monitoring system for these low conductivity matrices. The conductive flow chamber and stainless steel construction minimize interference from streaming potentials. The self-pressurized gel electrolyte reference electrode minimizes error from electrolyte contamination. The high quality temperature probe and 7 preloaded matrix temperature compensation calibration curves ensure the best accuracy in these temperature-sensitive matrices.