Bottom Ash

Source: Combustion Products Management, Inc.
When coal is pulverized to the consistency of powder, blown into the boiler and burned, two by-products are generated
When coal is pulverized to the consistency of powder, blown into the boiler and burned, two by-products are generated. The fine, particulate matter rises with the flue gases and is collected by electrostatic precipitators (ESP). This is called fly ash. The larger particles and fused particles fall to the bottom and are called bottom ash.

CPM characterizes the quality of the bottom ash and, if acceptable, processes it for use as ice control material, septic tank drain field, and aggregate for concrete and concrete products. Greater revenues are generated from sale into the concrete products industry.

Most ash marketers are content to sell raw bottom ash to concrete block producers in much the same way the utilities sold or gave away the cinders back in the 40's, 50's and 60's...that is to say "come and get it if you want it." They do not understand concrete block mix designs, block manufacturing machines or the production process. In short, they can not offer the technical support that is absolutely necessary to sell a block producer and keep him sold.

CPM has a team of bottom ash experts that has processed and sold over 5,000,000 tons of bottom ash during the past ten years, just in the southeast United States. These individuals were in the concrete block business for twenty-five years as salesmen, quality control technicians, production managers and eventually general managers.

They have extensive knowledge of concrete and concrete block materials, mix designs and the manufacturing process. They even have "hands-on" experience running a block machine. This experience is crucial to the success of a bottom ash processing facility. When incorporated in the block mix, bottom ash must be properly proportioned and adjustments made in machine setting or it will adversely affect every characteristic of the concrete block...weight, texture, strength and yield.

To be used as aggregate, it must be pyrite--free. CPM will assist in estimating the cost of pyrite removal.

Do not assume that the bottom ash is too soft, heavy, or friable. CPM can process the bottom ash to remove the soft and friable material. We have markets for both lightweight and heavyweight material

Do not assume that the quantity of bottom ash is too small to justify a processing facility. Let us look at the market and make that determination.

Contact us and we'll evaluate your bottom ash utilization potential. We can optimize revenues and avoided disposal costs.

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