News | April 14, 1999

BIoGEORGE Biofilm Activity Monitoring System

Source: Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.
Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.FONT SIZE=+1>The Problem

The most common approach to mitigation of microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) is chemical treatment. Chemical costs for a large process plant are often on the order of $1,000,000 per year. Chemical toxicity is always a concern for plant personnel and the environment. This results in close scrutiny and control of effluents and chemical inventories by regulators, environmental agencies, and plant owners. Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.FONT SIZE=+1>System Description

The BIoGEORGE system monitors biofilm activity on the probe surface. Biofilm formation occurs more rapidly on the probe than on plant piping or heat exchanger tubes. As a result, maintaining the probe in a clean condition assures that the pipe work and heat exchangers are clean. The system consists of a probe, its integrated electronics, interconnecting cable, display software, a user manual, and product support. Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.FONT SIZE=+1>Probe

The standard probe is installed into a piping system, heat exchanger water box, cooling tower, or side stream via a 2-inch threaded connection. Probes are also available for installation into "hot tap" type fittings (slightly larger than 1-inch access port). Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.FONT SIZE=+1>Integrated Electronics

Probe status is indicated by an LED display in the integrated electronics enclosure. A GREEN light indicates acceptable conditions, RED indicates microbiological fouling, and YELLOW indicates transition to a new status is underway (e.g., initial start-up). The unit operates on 110 VAC and has built-in battery backup. Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.FONT SIZE=+1>Interconnect Cable

A 50-foot cable for connecting the probe to the integrated electronics is included with the system. Longer cables are available on request. Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.FONT SIZE=+1>Display Software

System data can be downloaded to the user's PC. Software is included with the system for analyzing the data and creating detailed trend plots.

User's Manual

The system includes an illustrated User's Manual with instructions for complete system programming (three buttons) and operation.

Product Support

Product support, including data analysis, is provided for one year with each purchase.

BIoGEORGE is a trademark of <%=company%>(United States Patents 5,246,560 and 5,356,521)