News | November 20, 1998

BetzDearborn and Frametome Chemical Cleaning Agreement

N/Achburg, Virginia's Framatome Technologies Inc. (FTI) and the <%=company%> Division of Trevose, Pennsylvania's Hercules, have signed a teaming contract to provide on-line chemical cleaning services for nuclear power plants and other industrial facilities. John Carroll, BetzDearborn's Power Generation Marketing Manager says that, "This unique teaming agreement brings to the nuclear industry the benefits of Framatome's unequalled experience and capabilities in the nuclear power plant service business, and BetzDearborn's technological leadership in specialty chemical treatment programs."

The new agreement combines FTI's chemical application experience with BetzDearborn's specialty chemical experience. Framatome Technologies is a subsidiary of Framatome S.A., Paris, France.

Under to the terms of the agreement, FTI will apply BetzDearborn's patented Ferroquest technology for iron deposit removal at a neutral pH level on plant systems and components. Ferroquest is an easy-to-use, non-acid liquid product that slowly dissolves rust and iron deposits while protecting system metallurgy from corrosion and plugging caused by particulate iron. Ferroquest Requires no post treatment neutralization which makes it especially well-suited to cleaning closed cooling and service water systems, such as those found in atomic power plants. In addition, other Ferroquest products have the ability to clean calcium desposits from power company condenser systems.

According to FTI Manager of Projects in Chemistry Services Cary Bowles, "Ferroquest's great advantage for electric generating facilities is that it can be applied and the cleaning accomplished while the plant continues to generate power."