Bearing Technology

Source: Bently Nevada Corporation
Bearing Technology
The ServoFluid Control Bearing operates by delivering
Bently Nevada Corporationuid Control Bearing operates by delivering pressurized fluid through recessed inlet ports. Each port directs fluid to a bearing pocket. Fluid flow through the bearing is restricted by each inlet port and also by the journal/bearing clearance. As the rotor attempts to move in the bearing, pocket pressure increases in the direction of motion and decreases in the direction opposite motion, creating a pressure differential in opposing bearing pockets and a corresponding restoring force to the rotor. By properly designing and pressurizing a bearing, it can be made stable for all operating speeds of interest. If high-pressure supply fluid is lost, the bearing simply reverts to operation as a conventional hydrodynamic bearing, allowing the machine to be shut down safely. Additional features include:

•Exceptional stability, stiffness, heat removal and efficiency
•Independently adjustable stiffness and damping
•Flexible working fluid choices
•Excellent rotor/bearing/seal life

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