Battery Load Unit TORKEL 820 - Telecom

Source: Programma Electric Inc.
During a power outage, crucial telecommunication equipment must be operating by batteries
During a power outage, crucial telecommunication equipment must be operating by batteries. Unfortunately, however, the capacity of such batteries can drop significantly for a number of reasons before their calculated life expectancy is reached.
Battery capacity should thus be checked to prevent expensive downtime in the event of a power failure.

The most reliable way to determine battery capacity is to conduct a discharge test. The TORKEL Battery Load Units all feature a unique design that combines efficiency with portability. Using TORKEL 820 - Telecom - you can discharge 24 and 48 V batteries at 270 A, and 12 V batteries at 135 A.

Moreover, two or more units can be linked together if you need higher current. Discharging proceeds at constant current, constant power, constant resistance or in accordance with a pre-selected load profile.

TORKEL 820 issues a warning and / or shuts down the test automatically when a) the voltage has dropped to a certain level, b) discharging has continued through a certain time interval or c) a certain amount of capacity has been discharged.

TORKEL 820 is ideal for capacity testing together with the multi-channel TMC 4001 Battery Testing System and the TMC 95 program that runs under Windows. Together, these three products form a complete capacity testing system in which the TMC 95 controls testing, the TMC 4001 logs cell voltages, total voltage, current and temperature - and TORKEL 820 handles the discharging.

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