Backup Power System

Source: Computer Power Inc.
Backup Power System
The Illuminator II offers central inverter design technology with a transfer time of less than 50 milliseconds
The Illuminator II offers central inverter design technology with a transfer time of less than 50 milliseconds and can be used in applications where maximum reliability, low maintenance and minimum floorspace are important design considerations. On-board microprocessors control all system functions, including routine diagnostics to guarantee safe and proper emergency operation, and provide the user with rapid, accurate data concerning operation of critical system functions. Available options include a battery exerciser, variable time delay circuit, and remote summary alarm panel.

It is floor mounted and housed in heavy gauge sheet metal cabinets requiring front access only. The modular design of system component assemblies allows ease of servicing and minimizes repair time. Each cabinet contains knockouts for inter-wiring with conduit. It also provides a fail safe circuitry to protect against short circuit and overloads. Additional safety features include a low voltage battery disconnect circuit to protect cell reversal, utility brownout circuit and optional variable (1 to 15 minute) re-transfer time delay.

The emergency "Interruptible Power System" consists of a microprocessor-controlled PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) based DC to AC power inverter, insulated gate bi-polar transistors, a fully automatic battery charger, and a transfer relay and microprocessor-controlled electronics system. A digital meter display, standard fault alarms and maintenance-free sealed lead calcium-type batteries properly sized for load requirement to meet UL-924 are also incorporated. These system components are matched to make the unit a completely self-contained, fully automatic standby power source for operation during power failure emergencies.

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