Datasheet | April 20, 2012

AquaTrace PPB Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer Datasheet

Source: Thermo Scientific

This trace dissolved oxygen sensor will measure accurately in pure water processes. Monitoring at trace oxygen levels in critical processes will allow quick response and minimize costly downtime. Best performance is achieved when used in applications where process temperature, flow and pressure are stable.

When used with the Thermo Scientific AV38 Local Display/Controller selecting a system to meet your requirements is easy. The controller displays data and you can select from several protocols to transfer information for record keeping.

AquaSensors DataStick™ AquaTrace™ ppb Dissolved Oxygen System

  • Reagent-free amperometric design
  • Trace DO system consists of the Trace DO DataStick, flow cell, AV38 local display and is assembled on the panel for simple installation
  • Temperature compensated
  • Pre-calibrated, plug & play sensors
  • Rugged Teflon® membrane in replaceable sensor cap
  • Remote measurement, calibration, configuration and diagnostics
  • Convenient turn-key AquaTrace DO monitoring system offers reliable low DO measurements with a small footprint