Newsletter | January 16, 2020

01.16.20 -- Analysts Evaluate Promising Water Saving Technologies For Palo Verde Power Plant

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Direct-Mount Seal Pressure Transmitters For Pulverized Coal Processing
By ABB Measurement & Analytics

Many coal-fired power plants measure various pressures associated with their coal pulverizing mills. A certain "sweet spot" of pressure indicates smooth and proper operation of the mill, as well as the exhauster ductwork. If the pressure drops, the mill could be plugged or the fuel supply cut short. Higher than normal pressure may indicate plugging of downstream coal ducts leading to the furnace. Improper pressures often lead to flame instability, productivity losses, and pollution.

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Presentation: Proper System Design For Handling Fine Powder Sorbents

This presentation outlines good design practices for trona or sodium bicarbonate dry injection systems, for the elimination of SO2, SO3, HCl, HF, NOx, and mercury. It details unloading product, silo design, material conveying, and injection location, and summarizes a good DSI design system.

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