AMS-3 Acoustic Monitoring System

Source: Triple 5 Industries, LLC
AMS-3 Acoustic Monitoring System
The AMS-3 Acoustic Monitoring System monitors Recovery Boilers
  • SOUNDING RODS: Metalborne Waveguides do NOT invade the boiler.
  • DCS INTERFACE: Interface to DCS through a serial link using a modbus, ethernet or simple ASCII format.
  • AUXILIARY INPUTS: Displays trending information such as Steam Flow, Feedwater Flow, Furnace Pressure, ID Fan Speed, etc
  • TRENDING HISTORY DISPLAYS: Displays trending plots for 2.5 hours, 24 hours, 10 days, 30 days and 60 days.
  • DIGITAL FILTERING: Digital Filtering provides bandpass selection for each sensor through software settings.
The AMS-3 Acoustic Monitoring System monitors Recovery Boilers, Power Boilers and Feedwater Heaters for aid in early leak detection.

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