AMI Sample Sequencer

Source: Swan Analytical USA

Complete system for the automatic, continuous multiplexing of up to six sample streams to 1 process analyzer.

  • Complete system including control electronics, back pressure regulator and needle-valve for each stream, 6-way valve switching up to 6 sample streams to one analyzer, flow measurement.
  • 6 signal outputs for indication of the current position of the 6-way valve.
  • 1 signal output for flow alarm.
  • 6 signal inputs to override programmed sequence by deactivating a certain sample stream.
  • 6 current outputs (0/4 to 20mA) for measurement values.
  • 6 sample inlets each equipped with back pressure regulator and needle valve. Overflow to one of the 3 sample outlets (Drain).
  • Digital sample flow meter.
  • Power supply: either as AC or DC available.
  • Alarm display and activation of alarm relay when user defined, critical limits for a measurement value (only flow) are reached.
  • Large back-lit LCD display showing measured values (only flow) and status information simultaneously.
  • Factory tested, ready for installation and operation.