Company Profile | January 1, 1996

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Source: Conservatek Industries, Inc.
aluminum cover,aluminum,geodesic dome,aluminum geodesic dome,ISO,ISO 9001,municipal,industrial,petroleum,chemical Conservatek Industries, Inc., an ISO 9001 certified company, engineers, manufactures and installs aluminum covers for product and environmental protection. While our principal product is the ALUMADOME™cover, a clear-span cover for round tanks, we offer a wide variety of covers designed for any size or shape industrial, municipal or architectural application.

Conservatek specializes in aluminum covers because of that metal's inherent advantages over alternative materials. Compared to steel, aluminum is virtually non-corrodible, one-third the weight and almost as strong. In addition, aluminum will not degrade when exposed to ultraviolet light like fiberglass or spall like concrete. As a result, Conservatek's covers are exceptionally durable, require very little maintenance and are ideally suited as covers for petroleum storage tanks, wastewater treatment plants and water reservoirs, particularly in infrequently visited locations where provision for ongoing maintenance might be difficult.

Built into every Conservatek cover is a level of engineering integrity that only a team of experienced professionals using proven design technologies can produce. Because Conservatek's covers are in use around the world in virtually every type of climate and in a multitude of applications, each cover is custom designed and custom fabricated.

Our engineers use proprietary computer-aided design systems to analyze the individual requirements of each project in order to produce the most appropriate design solution. Then certified operators using computer-controlled machinery fabricate each cover's components to strict tolerances.

When the cover reaches the customer's site it can be erected either by Conservatek personnel or the customer's own personnel. To assist customers unfamiliar with aluminum covers, Conservatek offers its own experienced consultants to advise local crews in final construction.

At Conservatek, we believe that innovation drives progress. Virtually every one of the 3,000 covers we have built has had specific requirements that differed from "standard." We enjoy meeting those challenges, and we would like to visit with you about yours.