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AdaptiveSupplier is a powerful software solution designed for large Fortune 1000 suppliers
What is AdaptiveSupplier™?
AdaptiveSupplier is a powerful software solution designed for large Fortune 1000 suppliers. AdaptiveSupplier allows companies to ensure their online selling activities represent their overall business objectives and differentiators to online exchanges, while maximizing profits on each sale. AdaptiveSupplier is also an important new tool to help suppliers avoid being commoditized by price in the new online economy. AdaptiveSupplier is based on our pioneering Adaptive Trading Engine™, which uses our state-of-the-art Adaptive Decision Optimization Technologies.

The AdaptiveSupplier Solution
AdaptiveSupplier is a powerful solution, combining the Adaptive Trading Engine and a customized Supplier interface to enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, e-commerce, and sell-side systems. AdaptiveSupplier provides tools to quickly model any business environment and incorporate enterprise-wide business data from your supply chain and sell-side systems. AdaptiveSupplier is customized to fit your individual business environment and vertical industry. AdaptiveSupplier provides a simple graphical interface that uses plain business language. Once the company inputs data, it can then solve for the optimal decision based on the business' primary needs: inventory turns, profit margins, return on assets, price, or any combination of variables. When the engine runs, it incorporates variables from a wide range of enterprise-wide factors and dynamic market conditions to arrive at the optimal trading recommendation.

AdaptiveSupplier Benefits
When AdaptiveSupplier is integrated into your current e-commerce or sell-side systems, you dramatically boost the intelligence of your demand chain. AdaptiveSupplier also enables you to make selling decisions in real time, utilizing the most current data that's available to you. With AdaptiveSupplier you can deliver powerful results to your company:

  • Leverage internal and external business factors (i.e., logistics, finance, manufacturing capacities, taxes, customer importance) to construct a customized product offering that matches your customers needs and maximizes your business goals
  • Create visibility into your suppliers' supply chain data to reduce new product introduction cycle times and improve go/no-go decisions on new product introductions
  • Sell more of your products by taking orders from an aggregated group of buyers
  • Group your products with other suppliers to win a piece of a large customers business that you might otherwise lose
  • Leverage up-to-the-minute internal and external factors to optimally match buyers to the products you sell
  • Break product offerings into logical bundles and transact bundles across mixed trading methods (online catalogs, auctions/, RFB) as makes sense

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